Friday, December 3, 2010

Time Is Ticking...Friday's Deal

Classic Secret Agent Bag
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The bag comes in black, mustard yellow, red, cream (pictured above) and blue.

Deal Ends at Midnight tonight!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do You Have A Preference?

Visa or Mastercard that is.

I know there are others, but for now, I am curious as to which you prefer between those two and why.  Drop me a comment and please take my poll{see on right side}


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Helping A Neighbor With Cancer Stop Foreclosure

My neighbor has been battling cancer, which seems to have been most of her life.  In high schoo,l she had ovarian cancer.  Physically having children of her own would no longer be possible for her.  As she grew older, she came to terms with not having a child in her life.  However, in her late 20's she was blessed by receiving temporary guardianship in raising her 2 week old cousin.

When the little girl turned two or three, yet again cancer knocked on my neighbors door, breast cancer.  She was devasted, but knew she had a young child depending on her and she fought and won.  In her late 40's, she is in her 50's now, cancer once again has come to visited her, the "little" girl no longer in her household is of age and "writing" her life chapters. I've noticed the fight seems to have dimmed.  I remind her that Cancer has knocked on her door several times and that she's kicked it out each time and that she must do the same this time.  She confided in me that she was behind in her mortgage and that it worried her that one day she would come home from the hospital to find that she no longer has a home  She's been in the hospital numerous of times to the point where she has exhausted all of her leave, exhausted leave that was donated to her and is strictly getting paid for the days that she actually works.  There are good and bad days, however as of late the bad are outweighing the good.

After contacting Chase Mortgage, her mortgage broker she filled paper work in hopes to have the mortgage adjusted.  She was informed not to pay her mortgage and wait to hear from them regarding approval.  Doesn't that sound shady.  I couldn't believe it when she told me, but I have researched online and found that this has happened to others...only to receive a letter stating the mortgage adjustment has been DENIED!

She just returned home today from a stint in the hospital and I have discussed with her that she needs to talk to a mortgage counselor.  I researched on and provided her a listing in our area.  Meanwhile, I have created a Chip In  account in hopes to help her raise the funds in which she owes... just in case.  If you, feel it in your heart to help her out any amount (i.e., $1 etc.) it would greatly be appreciated.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Parental Medical Consent Form

I remember when I was growing up, I fell and hit my nose.  My nose started bleeding and nothing my grandmother did seemed to stop the bleeding.  It continued to bleed.  She rushed me to the emergency room and there we had to sit and wait for my mother to arrive.  Although, my grandmother was related to me, she did not legally have authorization to ok any medical services administered to me.  

I  recently was talking with a co-worker, who had her grand kids for a few days and one of the kids had a boo boo, which resulted in her taking him to the emergency room and him receiving a few stitches.  Luckily, she had a Parental Medical Consent Form, which authorized her to make medical decisions for them while in her care.

The form is used to authorize an adult to make medical and dental care decisions for your child(ren) when the parents are away.  I have previously given my parents authorization when I've gone on vacation without my son (rare) or when I've had to go on business travel.  I also, leave his medical card with them.

Without authorization, your child more than likely will face delays in receiving medical attention.  Also, if your child participates in any sports activity, sponsored by a school or community organization and you are not provided a medical authorization form to fill out, please request one and or fill out one and provide it to them.

The form does not need to be notarized, but it's more quickly accepted.  Here is one you can use.

Monday, September 6, 2010

You Can Phone Home From Gmail

I really like this feature.  It is so convenient.  Most say this is nothing new, but it is to me. 
After downloading the plug-in, I gave it a whirl.  I called my house phone and surprisingly it was very clear.  The next day, I needed to make a long-distance phone call and since, I was on my computer, I decided to use the new feature.  I dialed the number, it rings, I'm place a queue as according to the recording my "call will be answered in approximately 5mins".  When the rep answered, I said, "hello" and proceeded to explain my dilemma.  In the middle of my explanation, I hear "hello, how may I help you!"  Argh!  She couldn't hear me.  What a disappointment.  I decided to search online to see if others were having the same problem...and they were.

I decided to update my drivers, reboot and try again.  I tried calling a friend locally.  The keyboard stated, it was dialing, but I couldn't hear it. Ugh!  I then re-installed the initial plug-in, reboot and retried.  This time I called my mom, who is local.  I can hear the dial tone (yay!). 
Mother: "Hello"
Me: "Hi"
Mother: "Where are you? "Whose number is this?"
Me "You can hear me!" *smiling*
Mother: "Yes, I can. Stop yelling!"
Me: " It works!" *smiling*
Mother:  "What are you up to now?"
Me: "I'm calling you from my laptop, through my gmail account."
Mother:  "You and these gadgets"

Give it a try if you have a gmail account and if you don't sign up for one.  Remember to update your drivers (sound) and then install the plug-in for the feature from Google.  Long distance calls are free now; not sure for how long.  International calls have a small fee.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My First Auction

I woke up today not feeling the best.  My allergies seemed to have gotten the best of me.  After dropping my son off at school, my intention was to call out of work, take my allergy medicine and take a nap.  After calling out and taking my allergy medicine, I started reading the paper.  I came across the legal notice section and saw some scheduled foreclosure home auctions.  I have been to tax sales, but never the foreclosure home auctions.  I had a hour before the start of a particular auction that happen to be a property in my neighborhood.  I didn't know the person, but I decided I would go and witness the sale.

I went to the court house and literally there were seven people sitting on the steps of the court house with their list, pen and pad and cell phones.  I walked up, with my pen and pad (I had wrote down some info on the homes I was interested in) as I was curious as to how much each would sell for. 

Each auction was announced, "this is the 1:23pm auction for [insert address]" and he would read the legal mojo.  He would then ask someone on his cell phone what is the opening bid.  He would then share that with the group and then he would begin he auctioneer song..."225, 225 do I hear 226, 226, 227...anybody want it for 227".  Those bidding were on their cell phones discussing with partners, I assume on how high they should bid.  It was obvious that these investors come to these auctions often as their was a small group who greeted each other, even the auctioneer, when they arrived.  In bidding, one lady made a comment to me, "she's only bidding on it because she knows I want it".  Then, the other lady said, "Sue, do you really want this property?"  The lady who made the comment to me didn't reply.  She ["Sue"] ended up winning the property at a higher cost than she anticipated.  I overheard "Sue" tell someone that the other lady ran the price up so she wouldn't be able to bid high on a property that everyone else seem to want [it was in a very nice community].  Alot of the auctions had no bidders, at least not at the court house and the auctioneer would make a statement, "sold to note holder" or "back to the bank".

Prior to going to the auction, I researched some of the properties online and there value and some were really nice looking homes and some deals were definitely available.  The only problem is alot of times you don't know what the inside presents.  Also, as one of the ladies commented, she likes to bid on the vacant properties because she doesn't like going through the eviction process.  It definitely was interesting and I'm glad I attended.  BTW, the property in my neighborhood was cancelled, seems they got the money prior to the sell...happy for them.  Some were not so fortunate.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Garden

My's getting bigger each day!
I am so proud of my little container garden.  This year, I planted tomatoes, green beans, cabbage, green bell peppers, carrots and lettuce.  The tomatoes were slow in producing fruit.  I had several flowers, but no fruit.  I researched online and discovered it was probably due to the extreme heat we've had.  I also, stopped fertilizing the pants.  Another thing I did, which I feel helped is, I  placed the container of the tomatoes in the shade.  That seemed to help in the production of flowers again and they didn't drop off like they did previously and this time they indeed produced fruit!  Once, the tomatoes started forming, I placed the container back in the sun and fertilize every so often.  I gave my mom a bag full of tomatoes as her tomato plants did not produce any fruit this year.  I thought my tomato plants were done (as they are no longer pretty looking...thus, no pic), but I see five new yellow flowers

My lovely Green Peppers
I had difficulty with the lettuce, carrots and green beans.  All were growing good and then something went wrong.  I will try growing these next year, but I will do differently.  With the lettuce, I will not attempt to grow seedling in the home and then transplant.  I will plant in a big pot outside and keep my fingers cross.  As far as green beans, I will have to pick up some bush type beans and not the pole type.  Carrots, not sure what went wrong, but I will purchase a deeper pot to have those in.

I am preparing for my fall garden, I plan to have kale, collards and I read that I still have time for lettuce, so I may give it another try.

It Would Have Been Her 82th Birthday

Love & Miss You

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cold Stone Creamery

Hurry and get your coupon for TW0 'Like it' size Create Your Own for $5.00.

Check out the other coupons on the side panel

Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • I live in the DC area and I have yet to watch Housewives of DC.  Why?  My dog chewed the last working remote (seriously!)...I'm stuck on Channel 5 until I get some new remotes (this wkend).  I miss the cable boxes where you could change the channel from it.
  • I can't stand gnats!  I wish they would stay outside where they belong.  I've used bleach, vinegar, bug spray, hairspray (it was near), soapy seems they don't die, they multiply!
  • "Dr." Laura, IS a racist!  Apology not accepted.  The incident where she said the "N" word several times is not why I refer to her as a racist. I agree she used it to make a point...a sad one and IMO really an over used one (i.e. black men say it...comedians used it).  THAT particular incident, she was insensitive, rude and swayed from the actual discussion at hand.  I refer to her as a racist, because of the comments she's made previously about Mexicans, African Americans, President Obama and of the countless other blantant racial remarks she made towards people of color.  I am an African-American woman, I hear some white people (notice I said some; as not ALL black people use the "N' word) go around calling each other 'Redneck'.  Is it ok for me to go around calling white people 'Redneck' and expect them not to be offended?  When they express that they are offended, is it okay to say you're "hypersensitive"?  When that person tries to express their dislike for the word and the derogatory meaning behind it;  is it okay for me to say, 'don't go getting all KKK on me?' I think know not!  Laura has shown her true color...the color of a racist. 
  • I'm going to New York for my birthday! Yay!
  • I can't stand gnats!
  • I came across my old answering machine and grandma's voice was on the recording...I cried, but they seemed to be tears of happiness.  I've listened to the message ten (10) times, which happens to be 'Happy Birthday' and her telling me she put my card in the mail late.  My birthday is on the 22nd of this month.  Isn't God wonderful!  Best Birthday gift I could ever ask for...hearing my grandma's voice again and her wishing me Happy Birthday.  Yall know I miss her.
  • I'm glad it FRIDAY!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Everfresh Banana Colada ... Yum!

I'm a juice person.  I LOVE juice and Mt. Dew.  The other day, I asked someone to bring me something to drink and they brought me that beauty on the left.  When I first looked at the flavor, I thought to myself, I've never had this flavor [by Everfresh] before.  Duh! That's when the red letters captured my attention "New".

I twisted the cap off and took a was "Everfreshing!"  Okay, but it was refreshing.  Really, the flavor was so distinctive.  The next day, I went to the grocery store, two gas stations and a Mom and Pops store to my disbelief no Everfresh Banana Colada.  It wasn't that they ran out, they didn't sell that flavor...hadn't heard of it.  I told the guy at one of the gas stations that he needed to contact his rep. or whomever makes the decision on what to sell in the store to put it on their shelves.  He laughed at me, but he wrote the name and flavor down.  I can't find this stuff!

So, I called my friend and asked where in the world did he find the juice he had brought me.  He didn't want to reveal his source [come on now it's only juice...good juice though], but offered to bring me another.  I accepted.  The first one I received was nice and cold and tasted great!  The second one I received had a slight chill.  I popped the top and was slightly disappointed.  I didn't get the "Everfreshing" taste.  After placing the bottle in the refrigerator and letting it properly chill, I was in luv again.

Everfresh has three new flavors check them out (make sure they are cold).   I know, I will.  If you're like me and can't find them in stores in your area contact Everfresh's Customer Service Ofc. they will provide info. on a retailer near you.

Disclosure:  I am not affiliated in anyway with Everfresh.  The products consumed, were not given to me by Everfresh, nor have I received compensation for the above review of the product.  The above review of the product is that of my personal opinion.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Forgotten Password

After fixing my son's computer about a month ago, a problem Best Buy created (due to warranty having expired, they wanted to charge $150 to fix it...NOT!), I finally allotted some more time to add his computer to our wireless network.  We discussed the ground rules, regarding the use of the computer and the internet.  Straight! Straight!.
I guess, everything wasn't "Straight!"  He decided, he would setup a Windows password.  Why? Is the question you might ask.  My question exactly.  His response, "so you couldn't logon to my computer".  Whoa! (ain't that something...he's usually not selfish).  I was totally in shock appalled that my son, would lock me out from accessing "his" laptop. He was nine at the time when he did this (he recently had a bday).

I hadn't totally finished "setting" up his computer, but he was so excited to use his computer so,I let him.  I hadn't applied the parental controls and all that good stuff (admin rights, guest access etc.).  My mother has always said, "you show him too much about those computers."  Maybe she's right!

Well, the jokes on him (me too, I guess) because he forgot the password.  I had him sit and try any and every password he could think of, but to no avail.  I had no intentions of trying to 'hack' my sons computer, besides Vista is tricky.  I've only allowed him on "MY" laptop a few times.  As a lesson had to be taught.  Also, because I did not want to spend another weekend fooling with his laptop, especially when out of selfishness the laptop is on lockdown.

This week, I decided, I would try cracking the code, to no avail.  I came across some software that had rave reviews and gave it a try.  I was getting excited as it was working (you know like in the going through files like lightening...waiting for blinking red letter exposing the forgotten password), but ah, Vista wasn't having it.  No screaming accolades from me.  I tried some other things...nada.  I had come to grips that I would have to spend another daggone weekend fooling with his computer and reinstalling Vista on his laptop; until my last search revealed this site.  All I can say is THANK YOU!!! to the creator of the software.

My son doesn't know that his laptop is fixed and I'm not telling...for a little while longer.  Let the lesson simmer in just a bit more.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Flying High with the Angels

My son and I had a wonderful weekend.  We spent it with the Blue Angels.  Well, we spent it watching the Blue Angels.  The Andrews Airforce Base Air Show was held this past weekend.

While watching the show, my son noticed (I didn't have my glasses on) that the bottom of the plane said "Navy".  This puzzled my son.  He wanted to know why it said "Navy" and not "Air Force".  He stated, they fly at Air Force Bases, not Naval Bases.  Hmmm...didn't know they were apart of the Navy and possibly they do fly at Naval Bases. Just never had a need to go to one since Andrews is so close.

I honestly, didn't know much about the Blue Angels other than they perform annually at Andrews Air Force Base as well as other bases around the world, demonstrating aerobatic maneuvers.  I never knew the Angels were apart of the Navy.

My son had so many questions, questions I couldn't answer.  So, once we arrived home, we researched the Blue Angels  Check it out, you will find some interesting facts. Do you know how they got their name?

 Don't forget to check the schedule to see if they're coming to your town.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Ready For The Sunshine

I've noticed lately while driving into work, I've had to shade my eyes due to the sunshine.  The car sunshade rarely helps me, due to my height.  I instantly remember, I broke my shades, my favorite shades last year and never replaced them.  Each day that I have to use my hand, I say to myself, "you have got to get another pair of sungalssess!".

Well, today, I did just that, I saw a picture of Rihanna wearing a pair of Oversized Butterfly shades and I thought they looked great...different and I wanted a pair.  I purchased the pair below.  They look like they will be "fun" to wear.

While searching the internet, a lovely pair by Prada came the top of the search (probably the ones Rihanna was sporting). Honestly, I don't/won't invest that much into a pair of sunglasses because more than likely they will be broken or lost.  I have to get better about that.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with my prescription glasses(I paid $$$$ for) and umm I've had to have those repaired as well (think I need to go back to the hard case vs. soft case).

If you're in need of a new pair of sunglassess, click on the banner on the side and see if you find a pair you like.

 Tell me, what's your limit (if you have one) in purchasing sunglassess?

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Kick In The Butt Is What I Needed

It took Mica to kick challenge me to start sewing again.  I have numerous patterns and a large stash of fabric, but no finish projects.  It's been awhile since I've sewed myself anything, yet I find myself still purchasing patterns and fabric (CraZy...I know). 

So, this past weekend, I went through some of my patterns and chose Simplicity 5556 because I am in desparate need of tops and I wanted something easy to break the ice.  Like Mica, I'm going to take it one step at a time.  I will post when completed.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Expand Your Closet Hanging Space

How I yearn for a walk-in closet such as Kimora Lee Simmons.  To be able to walk-in, let alone have a chaise lounge  in there to lay back and admire all of my beautiful things would be fabulous.  *blinks* My reality is I have a walk-in closet and that's about it.  No room for a chaise lounge, heck not even a chair...barely my stool.  Sadly, no room for all of my beautiful things.  I have a small walk-in closet and there is a need for more space...hanging space.

While talking with a girlfriend about needing more closet space, she  told me about closet hanging space extenders.  I was on the search for this gadget...with no luck.  I couldn't find any in the local stores.  I went to my handy dandy (, those with kids smiled) internet and viola!  The Container Store had just what I was searching for.  By no means, does this gadget make me feel like I'm in Kimora's closet, but I am happy when I'm in there now.

If you're like me and could use a little more hanging space, get you one or some.  Use code RSAPR30 for 20% discount.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gone...but NEVER forgotten!

Aug.28, 1928 - Feb. 4, 2008

Two years,
you've been gone.
 Two years,
too long!

Love you, ALWAYS

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As some of you know, I'm on a quest to lower my blood pressure.  I really don't want to have to take medication. So, by April, I need to bring those numbers down or I will be popping pills, probably for the rest of my life [ugh!]   Again, the reason why I am going to lose 20lbs [25lbs...wiggle room].  My doctor stated, if I lose the 20lbs, eat healthy and continue to exercise my pressure will more than likely stablize.
I've been researching hypertension (high blood pressure) as of late.  Looky what I came across today,   " SUGAR - Many people are unaware that the common table sugar or sucrose elevates blood pressure."


I am not a salt person, I rarely add salt to my food.  It's only a few items that  I purchase in the can and they have been low sodium products.  I gave up Marie Callander products,when I was a teen after becoming dehydrated twenty plus years ago (this is when I learned to view the sodium amount).  However, I have a sweet tooth out of this world and yes, I had no idea that sugar elevates your blood  pressure. I will definitely have to confirm this through my doctor.  If this is true, I will need the 800 number to Sugar Addict Anonymous.

Meanwhile, I will attempt to lower my consumption of sweets.
Really, did yall know that sugar elevates your blood pressure?  I had no clue.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drinking Healthy - Ocean Spray 100% Juice Cranberry & Pomegranate

This stuff is pretty good!
I'm attempting to eat and drink healthier these days.

Don't let the "No Sugar Added" on the label hinder you from trying this product.  The sweetness from the cranberries and the pomegranate provides the sweetness with a slight tartness you'll need to enjoy this natural drink.

The label states:
      • No Artificial colors or Flavors
      • CONTAINS 100% Juice
      • 100% Vitamin C
The sodium serving is 35mg per a 8fl. oz cup {1% of daily value}.  Since, I am attempting to lower my blood pressure this is important to me.  I've cut back on alot of products I use to buy, due to the amount of sodium. I understand to preserve products, sodium is used, but, if it was reduced a little would it really spoil sooner?

Try this is if you like a equally balance sweet and tart taste.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Martin L. King Day!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank You, Dr. Martin L. King!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Christmas Gift That Took Me By Surprise

More so, the person who gave it to me.
I've been playing with it, but can't wait to take classes to learn how to use it to its full potential *smiling*