Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some People Have All the Nerve!!!

I feel like screaming to the top of my lungs.

Where do people get the nerve? The gull of some people. Sometimes, I really do hate men...BASTARDS! Do they ever grow up? I have a heart. I don't purposefully go around hurting people. "Hmm...what can I do today to make her blood boil" EVIL!!!

I know a few people who need to go find the "wizard" and ask for a heart. This year I had to let go of a few people (one I didn't want to let go of...Grandma). Letting go is hard for me. It's a wonder I'm not in one of those white straight jackets (picture Diana Ross in Lady Sings The Blues). Without going in much detail, just know when you do dirt, dirt comes back on you. When you use people, you're going to get used, etc. Friend or foe...times tells all.

Basically, what goes around comes around. You would think grown folks would know this already.

Vent over...Thanks.

The Birthday Celebration

Little people make me smile...

from the looks of the pictures and all the smiles I saw he/they had a good time. My son said, he had a nice bday, but that it went so fast.

These are pictures of my son and his two best friends.

Here are some more pictures of the day...

These kids were serious about their game. They were talkin' trash..."Look at that STRIKKKE!", "Let me pick up my spare" OMG, they were too funny.

This looks like a STRIKE to me!

Happy Birthday to my lil man!

She was just waiting her turn

Okay...Blogger is driving me crazy in posting these pictures.
I will edit the layout later.

Until next time...See Ya!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He's Turning 8 !!!

I can't believe my baby will be eight years old this week!!!
Time really does go by fast! I love my stinka.
I've been preparing for his bday celebration for this weekend. He couldn't make up his mind if he wanted to have a bowling or skating party. Since most of his friends did not know how to skate, I suggested we do bowling this time. He really is a good kid (I pray that he remains as such), just busy and VERY talkative.
Not much going on other than it's HOT in the DMV (DC/MD/VA for those who don't know).
I still haven't gotten any sewing in and I need short sleeve tops like crazy. I'm going to allot some time to at least make one top...one top. It's like potatoe chips, you can't just eat one...you just can't make one...make some!
Until the next time...