Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grandma would have been 80 years old

I miss my grandma. I think about and talk to her picture practically everyday. Today, she would have turn 80 years old.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Our birthday's are both in the month of August. When she passed, I was given her birthstone ring...I've worn it ever since. I periodically look at it and remind myself how it looked on her hand. I find myself rubbing it sometimes...I realized this the other day at work.

I wanted to cry when my son starting singing Happy Birthday to Grandma, while looking to the sky.

We both miss her.

R.I.P Grandmother.
With love Always!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Birthday follow-up

Thankful to become a year older.

I went to see the Funky Diva's for my birthday...EN VOUGE

En Vouge was featured at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA, It was nice seeing them. They put on a good show. Dawn didn't appear, however Rhona Bennett took her place and she was good. I wish the "Funky Divas" would go back in the studio, because clearly they still have it and mostly definitely from the crowd they still have a fan base.

I received a few bday wishes from friends, I haven't heard from in awhile [nice to know someone remembered my "special day"], family, lovely flowers from my son [he picked them out...grandma purchased them], money from family, a evening with En Vogue, perfume and a Gramin GPS system for my car!

I put the last birthday card I received from my grandmother up...still hard to believe she's gone.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I use to be so excited about my birthday. My son is more excited than I am. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful to be here on earth to share life with my son and family, but...

okay moving on

I usually let him take me out to dinner and give him the money so he can pay [he gets a kick out of that], but my parents and my sister took us out over the weekend during Restuarant Week [Ruth Chris], so I'm not sure if that's something we'll do. Maybe I'll let him take me to a movie...LOL, I don't want to see no daggone kids movie though. I don't know when I've seen an adult movie the theater. Um, I guess it was "Why Did I Get Married"

I had a gift and card in my mailbox from a neighbor...that was nice and brought a smile to my face...someone cares and remembered my special day.

I'll have to provide an update to let you know how "my" day turned out.

Not A Productive Day...

Do you have days as such?

I literally have TONS of work to do, but between my office work, household work, checking home work, home association work, my business on the side work etc., I'm POOPED!

To think I called myself cutting longer VP/acting Pres. of the PTA. My son started a new school this year, so I haven't gotten involved...yet. My son started school already, August 18th was his first day.

I think I will always be an involved parent, sometimes I get a little too involved though. BUT, this is a new school year, new school and a new commitment NOT to get too involved.
Just enough to know what's going on with my son and the school is all I plan to do.

I'm NOT:
  • organizing an Angel Tree event...NO, I'm Not...not doing it
  • assisting with organizing school wide Christmas program...can't do it
  • organizing Teacher Appreciation Week...Whew, glad I'm not doing this again

I plan to be more productive was just one of those days!

Until the next time...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Don't Argue With Crazy People!

I use to have a friend who use to say that. I find myself repeating that when I have to deal with Mr. "Crazy". Why do men try to start an argument to get out of doing something? Why can't they express themselves. Say what you mean, say what you feel...rather than start unnecessary drama. Some men are missing that "manhood" gene. I pray that I raise my son to graduate from boyhood to manhood! There are too many "men" in the world with a boyhood mentality.

okay, I'm better now (this is my therapy). Mr. Crazy trying to make me "crazy"...not happening.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

$3000.00 Saving Challenge

I need to save up $3000.00 by December.
With everything that has happened this year, I have used most of my leave and I have spent most of my raining day funds. I need to replenish it. "Raining" days seem to always find me. I've decided to cut back and to go through items we no longer need or use and attempt to sale them. This should be interesting. My plan is to post items on Craigslist, Ebay and this site.

I will post my progress periodically.

Wish me success!

$3000 Challenge beginning Aug. 5,2008
Starting balance $0

VA Beach

Well, we can cross off the list VA Beach! My son and I went and we had a good time. A much better time than I thought. It was fun filled and relaxing at the same time. It was too short of a time though. I plan to build my leave back up so we can take a longer vacation like we normally do. My son said, "that's not a real was only a couple of days". It was actually a week. I had planned to stop at Kings Dominion on our way back home, but it was pouring down raining so that messed up my plans in crossing off another place on the list.

The first day we went to the beach and he played in the sand, while I relaxed on the beach. Then, I got up and we played in the ocean and attempted to build a sand castle (we weren't very successful).

The second day, I called my cousin to let them know I was in town and wanted to see them before we left. We ended meeting them at a restuarant later that evening and had dinner together. My son played in the resorts indoor and outdoor pools, so we didn't get a chance to go on the beach at all that day.

The third day, I twisted my ankle while we were walking checking out the shops and getting some pizza. We had just come out of the pizza shop and I was talking to my son and the sidewalk wasn't leveled and I stepped on the uneven portion and lost my balance. There was NO WAY, I was going to fall on the street in front of all those people so, I broke my fall, but in the long run I twisted my ankle. I walked slowly not to bring any more attention to me as I was limping [price you pay to be cute...daggone wedge sandals]. Good thing we wasn't too far from our hotel. Either way, it was PAINFUL! After wrapping warm hot towels on my ankle, I hobbled to the pool area and my son swam, while I tried to relax.

The pain, the pain I felt when I woke up the next day. Again, I put some damp towels in the microwave and wrapped them around my ankle and was able to move a little better. My cousin called to see if we wanted to go out on their boat. YES!!! We left the dock at 12:30pm and didn't arrived back to the dock until 11:45pm.

Our last day, we visited other relatives and of course I had to do a little shopping. My son wanted to stop at Mt. Trashmore, a park we saw on our way into VA Beach. I asked my cousin about it and she said that it actually was a landfill once, thus the name Mt. Trashmore. I looked it up and here is some info on it

Massive landfill turned into a beautiful park, officially named "Mount Trashmore." Built in 1971, the 125 acre landfill was 60 feet high. Three flag poles serve as vents for methane gas; lightning struck one once and it caught fire. In 1990, Virginia Beach residents formed a human American Flag on Mount Trashmore to honor troops returning from the Persian Gulf War.]

It's really a nice park. If you get a chance check the park out.
I will update this post with the pictures later.

Home Sweet Home,