Tuesday, December 10, 2013

EBAY 's new policy --Post 50 items per month FREE

I have sold and purchased items through EBAY.  The listing fee most times cautioned me from listing items that I did not feel confident in it selling.  Why?  Due to the fact, the higher you started your listing the higher amount listing fee you paid.  

Now, that they allow sellers to post 50 items free per month, I've been posting more items and thrown caution to the wind.  I've listed things that I would have never listed like electronic adapters to items that I no longer have or no longer work and they SOLD!  My fairly full box of adapters have decreased. My child clothing items that he no longer could wear and were in good/like new condition were listed.  Now, he has room in the closet for items he will receive during the holiday. I believe this is a win-win situation for all...sellers, consumer, EBAY and stock holders like myself.

If you're not familiar with EBAY and wonder, how will they make money.  They  receive a percentage of your sell called the "Final fee", which you originally paid along with the listing fee. My only wish  would be for EBAY to increase the 50 items free per month to 100.

Happy listings to you!