Saturday, January 19, 2008

No Kids Allowed!

No Children Allowed
Although, we love the children,
we’d love for them to stay home
for this event.
We know you understand.

I'm a social person. I love to go to different type of events. I've even hosted a few events. Today, I'm irritated as I received an invitation to an event that stated "No children allowed"... "Adults Only". Don't get me wrong, I understand there are some situations where children should not be allowed. However, the type of events I've been invited to as of late, I don't see the harm in having children there. I know, it's not always about the environment. However, what further irritates me is when I RSVP stating, I will not be able to attend, the hostess insists I must attend (ah!, I must be able to bring the kid). I explained my situation in not having a babysitter. Again, she insist, you must come...find a babysitter she says.

I really would have liked to gone to the event... the event started at 4:00pm, it's 7:40pm now. I wonder how things went. I wonder who came. I wonder what did I miss.

It's times like this, where I really dislike being the sole responsible person for my child (kicking rocks). The hostess of this event is not the only one whose banding children, can you believe Disney is too!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Finding Time To Exercise

Let's see...awake at 6:00am, hit the snooze button for an extra 15mins. Get myself dress, start breakfast, wake the kid, finish fixing breakfast, wake the kid, straighten the kids clothes(e.g. collar down, shirt in pants etc.) ...out the door by 7:30am. Fight traffic, drop the kid off at school, fight traffic...arrive at work. Deal with work stress and then make certain, I pick the kid up by 6:00 pm from school (aftercare). Once we arrive home barely having my coat off, I hear the familiar saying "I'm hungry". In the kitchen, I go to start dinner, complete or start the laundry. Go over or start homework. I'm not done, but you get the picture.

Finding time to exercise seems impossible. I miss going to the gym. Prior to having my child, I went on a regular basis. It's easier to find time to exercise during the spring and summer months. I use to take my child's scooter to the park or school track and we both were satisfied. It's during the colder months that I have difficulty finding time for exercising. I really don't have the room in my home to exercise. The gym that I attend -ed do not allow children in the facility. I don't think I would get a good workout with the kid around anyway.

Finding time to exercise is a must. I realize this more as I'm typing. I want to remain healthy to be able to continue to ...awake at 6:00am, hit the snooze button for an extra 15 minutes, etc. I found a great site of easy exercises. Take a look.

Share how you get your exercise and what type of exercise you do during the colder months .

Stress Relievers

One of my promises to myself for 2008 is to learn how to relieve my everyday stress. This is one reason why I started this blog. I've always heard that writing your thoughts down relieves stress. We'll see...

Stressed? Yes, I am. Why?
It's not easy being a single parent. I wish I had the luxury of saying "Honey, can you watch the kid". I don't get a break until "the kid" is in bed. I have to sneak breaks. If the my child is downstairs, I'll tippy toe upstairs and wouldn't you know it, by the time I get to the top, "Mommy, where are you?" Sometimes, I have to go in the bathroom just to get a break. I don't do this often, but sometimes I need a moment to myself. Just a moment. I know even if you're married or have a significant other, being a parent can be stressful. However, being a single parent is even more stressful. The single parent fills many roles.

I love my child, but the he is like the "bunny", you know the one that keeps going and going. He's a chatter box as well. If I hear another corny "knock knock" joke I think I might scream. I might scream, if someone on my job comes to discuss something at 4:55 pm, when my "work" day is over at 5:00 pm and I have to pick up my child by 6:00pm or I'll have to pay $10 per every 3mins. I had to pay that hefty fee once and don't want to think about it...because it stresses me out!

So, now that you've had a little peek in my window, help me keep my promise to myself. Let me in on how you relieve stress. Also, share how you get a moment to yourself when the kids around.