Friday, January 18, 2008

Finding Time To Exercise

Let's see...awake at 6:00am, hit the snooze button for an extra 15mins. Get myself dress, start breakfast, wake the kid, finish fixing breakfast, wake the kid, straighten the kids clothes(e.g. collar down, shirt in pants etc.) ...out the door by 7:30am. Fight traffic, drop the kid off at school, fight traffic...arrive at work. Deal with work stress and then make certain, I pick the kid up by 6:00 pm from school (aftercare). Once we arrive home barely having my coat off, I hear the familiar saying "I'm hungry". In the kitchen, I go to start dinner, complete or start the laundry. Go over or start homework. I'm not done, but you get the picture.

Finding time to exercise seems impossible. I miss going to the gym. Prior to having my child, I went on a regular basis. It's easier to find time to exercise during the spring and summer months. I use to take my child's scooter to the park or school track and we both were satisfied. It's during the colder months that I have difficulty finding time for exercising. I really don't have the room in my home to exercise. The gym that I attend -ed do not allow children in the facility. I don't think I would get a good workout with the kid around anyway.

Finding time to exercise is a must. I realize this more as I'm typing. I want to remain healthy to be able to continue to ...awake at 6:00am, hit the snooze button for an extra 15 minutes, etc. I found a great site of easy exercises. Take a look.

Share how you get your exercise and what type of exercise you do during the colder months .

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