Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up2


I hope everyone had a good weekend. I had a nice one.

My sister took my son to the movies Friday evening. So, I joined a friend at My Place, a local sports bar. We had a good time. It was nice to be out. Saturday, I had to go pick my son up and race down the beltway to make his football game. As, I skid into the parking lot, I noticed the field was pretty empty. I saw a few of his teammates and their parents, but not the coach. As I reached one of the parents, he tells me the coach canceled the game due to tornado warnings. Huh! Although, it rained earlier, the sun was out and there was a nice breeze...nice weather. Last week, it rained cats and dogs and I called the comm. center to check (three times) to see if the game was canceled and each time and was told, "no, the game is still on as scheduled". Another parent didn't understand [me either] why the coach or the center did not call participants to inform them the game was canceled [they do it at other centers].

We headed to the mall to find him another coat...he broke the zipper on his fairly new coat [September]. I found him a really nice Nautica coat...insulate, stylish and what look like a heavy duty zipper. I think, I will take his fairy new coat to the cleaners to see if they can put in a new zipper.

Today, Sunday, we didn't go anywhere, just did stuff around the house. Quiet restful day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In THIS Lifetime...



I didn't think I would get all emotional, but I did. Looking at the older folks in the crowd and hearing their stories made me think of my grandmother. I thought about some of the things she had to endure. I wish she was here to see this day. She knew Barack Obama was running for President, but I honestly don't think she thought he would succeed.

I'm ready for a change! [how 'bout you?]

Thank you Barack for giving my son hope. My son said, "Mommy, I might want to be President one day." He then asked, "... what are some of the steps you have to take to be president?" He's in the third grade. I told him, the first step is to continue to do good in school and get good grades. Graduate from high school and then go to college. I told him when he turns 18 to ask me for the next steps!

HappY BiRthDay Ma!

It must be a nice birthday gift to wake up and know that the person you voted for in the race for President of the United States ...WON!!!

I am so thankful for my mother. Like most mother and daughter relationships, we have our differences of opinions. We may not always agree on things, but she's always there when I need her most. She helps me out alot with my son. I am so very appreciative for her and the things she does for us.