Friday, August 22, 2008

Not A Productive Day...

Do you have days as such?

I literally have TONS of work to do, but between my office work, household work, checking home work, home association work, my business on the side work etc., I'm POOPED!

To think I called myself cutting longer VP/acting Pres. of the PTA. My son started a new school this year, so I haven't gotten involved...yet. My son started school already, August 18th was his first day.

I think I will always be an involved parent, sometimes I get a little too involved though. BUT, this is a new school year, new school and a new commitment NOT to get too involved.
Just enough to know what's going on with my son and the school is all I plan to do.

I'm NOT:
  • organizing an Angel Tree event...NO, I'm Not...not doing it
  • assisting with organizing school wide Christmas program...can't do it
  • organizing Teacher Appreciation Week...Whew, glad I'm not doing this again

I plan to be more productive was just one of those days!

Until the next time...

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