Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He's Turning 8 !!!

I can't believe my baby will be eight years old this week!!!
Time really does go by fast! I love my stinka.
I've been preparing for his bday celebration for this weekend. He couldn't make up his mind if he wanted to have a bowling or skating party. Since most of his friends did not know how to skate, I suggested we do bowling this time. He really is a good kid (I pray that he remains as such), just busy and VERY talkative.
Not much going on other than it's HOT in the DMV (DC/MD/VA for those who don't know).
I still haven't gotten any sewing in and I need short sleeve tops like crazy. I'm going to allot some time to at least make one top. It's like potatoe chips, you can't just eat just can't make one...make some!
Until the next time...

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