Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Garden

My's getting bigger each day!
I am so proud of my little container garden.  This year, I planted tomatoes, green beans, cabbage, green bell peppers, carrots and lettuce.  The tomatoes were slow in producing fruit.  I had several flowers, but no fruit.  I researched online and discovered it was probably due to the extreme heat we've had.  I also, stopped fertilizing the pants.  Another thing I did, which I feel helped is, I  placed the container of the tomatoes in the shade.  That seemed to help in the production of flowers again and they didn't drop off like they did previously and this time they indeed produced fruit!  Once, the tomatoes started forming, I placed the container back in the sun and fertilize every so often.  I gave my mom a bag full of tomatoes as her tomato plants did not produce any fruit this year.  I thought my tomato plants were done (as they are no longer pretty looking...thus, no pic), but I see five new yellow flowers

My lovely Green Peppers
I had difficulty with the lettuce, carrots and green beans.  All were growing good and then something went wrong.  I will try growing these next year, but I will do differently.  With the lettuce, I will not attempt to grow seedling in the home and then transplant.  I will plant in a big pot outside and keep my fingers cross.  As far as green beans, I will have to pick up some bush type beans and not the pole type.  Carrots, not sure what went wrong, but I will purchase a deeper pot to have those in.

I am preparing for my fall garden, I plan to have kale, collards and I read that I still have time for lettuce, so I may give it another try.

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