Friday, June 25, 2010

The Forgotten Password

After fixing my son's computer about a month ago, a problem Best Buy created (due to warranty having expired, they wanted to charge $150 to fix it...NOT!), I finally allotted some more time to add his computer to our wireless network.  We discussed the ground rules, regarding the use of the computer and the internet.  Straight! Straight!.
I guess, everything wasn't "Straight!"  He decided, he would setup a Windows password.  Why? Is the question you might ask.  My question exactly.  His response, "so you couldn't logon to my computer".  Whoa! (ain't that something...he's usually not selfish).  I was totally in shock appalled that my son, would lock me out from accessing "his" laptop. He was nine at the time when he did this (he recently had a bday).

I hadn't totally finished "setting" up his computer, but he was so excited to use his computer so,I let him.  I hadn't applied the parental controls and all that good stuff (admin rights, guest access etc.).  My mother has always said, "you show him too much about those computers."  Maybe she's right!

Well, the jokes on him (me too, I guess) because he forgot the password.  I had him sit and try any and every password he could think of, but to no avail.  I had no intentions of trying to 'hack' my sons computer, besides Vista is tricky.  I've only allowed him on "MY" laptop a few times.  As a lesson had to be taught.  Also, because I did not want to spend another weekend fooling with his laptop, especially when out of selfishness the laptop is on lockdown.

This week, I decided, I would try cracking the code, to no avail.  I came across some software that had rave reviews and gave it a try.  I was getting excited as it was working (you know like in the going through files like lightening...waiting for blinking red letter exposing the forgotten password), but ah, Vista wasn't having it.  No screaming accolades from me.  I tried some other things...nada.  I had come to grips that I would have to spend another daggone weekend fooling with his computer and reinstalling Vista on his laptop; until my last search revealed this site.  All I can say is THANK YOU!!! to the creator of the software.

My son doesn't know that his laptop is fixed and I'm not telling...for a little while longer.  Let the lesson simmer in just a bit more.


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Real funny mommy

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U are from funny