Monday, May 17, 2010

Flying High with the Angels

My son and I had a wonderful weekend.  We spent it with the Blue Angels.  Well, we spent it watching the Blue Angels.  The Andrews Airforce Base Air Show was held this past weekend.

While watching the show, my son noticed (I didn't have my glasses on) that the bottom of the plane said "Navy".  This puzzled my son.  He wanted to know why it said "Navy" and not "Air Force".  He stated, they fly at Air Force Bases, not Naval Bases.  Hmmm...didn't know they were apart of the Navy and possibly they do fly at Naval Bases. Just never had a need to go to one since Andrews is so close.

I honestly, didn't know much about the Blue Angels other than they perform annually at Andrews Air Force Base as well as other bases around the world, demonstrating aerobatic maneuvers.  I never knew the Angels were apart of the Navy.

My son had so many questions, questions I couldn't answer.  So, once we arrived home, we researched the Blue Angels  Check it out, you will find some interesting facts. Do you know how they got their name?

 Don't forget to check the schedule to see if they're coming to your town.

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