Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Ready For The Sunshine

I've noticed lately while driving into work, I've had to shade my eyes due to the sunshine.  The car sunshade rarely helps me, due to my height.  I instantly remember, I broke my shades, my favorite shades last year and never replaced them.  Each day that I have to use my hand, I say to myself, "you have got to get another pair of sungalssess!".

Well, today, I did just that, I saw a picture of Rihanna wearing a pair of Oversized Butterfly shades and I thought they looked great...different and I wanted a pair.  I purchased the pair below.  They look like they will be "fun" to wear.

While searching the internet, a lovely pair by Prada came the top of the search (probably the ones Rihanna was sporting). Honestly, I don't/won't invest that much into a pair of sunglasses because more than likely they will be broken or lost.  I have to get better about that.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with my prescription glasses(I paid $$$$ for) and umm I've had to have those repaired as well (think I need to go back to the hard case vs. soft case).

If you're in need of a new pair of sunglassess, click on the banner on the side and see if you find a pair you like.

 Tell me, what's your limit (if you have one) in purchasing sunglassess?

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you said it girl um hm