Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As some of you know, I'm on a quest to lower my blood pressure.  I really don't want to have to take medication. So, by April, I need to bring those numbers down or I will be popping pills, probably for the rest of my life [ugh!]   Again, the reason why I am going to lose 20lbs [25lbs...wiggle room].  My doctor stated, if I lose the 20lbs, eat healthy and continue to exercise my pressure will more than likely stablize.
I've been researching hypertension (high blood pressure) as of late.  Looky what I came across today,   " SUGAR - Many people are unaware that the common table sugar or sucrose elevates blood pressure."


I am not a salt person, I rarely add salt to my food.  It's only a few items that  I purchase in the can and they have been low sodium products.  I gave up Marie Callander products,when I was a teen after becoming dehydrated twenty plus years ago (this is when I learned to view the sodium amount).  However, I have a sweet tooth out of this world and yes, I had no idea that sugar elevates your blood  pressure. I will definitely have to confirm this through my doctor.  If this is true, I will need the 800 number to Sugar Addict Anonymous.

Meanwhile, I will attempt to lower my consumption of sweets.
Really, did yall know that sugar elevates your blood pressure?  I had no clue.

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Jamesina Goulbourne said...

You have opened a can of worms there!

Sugar is definitely more problematic than salt when it comes to high blood pressure.

Too much sugar consumption tampers with your insulin secretion which has a diverse affect on the pancreas, the liver, fat metabolism, the cardiovascular system ...

Need I say more?