Sunday, May 4, 2008

My back is killing me!

I was in so much pain yesterday. I didn't do a thing. Initially, I thought I'd slept wrong, but today I'm still in pain. I've never experienced any problems with my back before, which leads me to think it's the mattress. The tag on my mattress states it's good for 10 years...well, I've had mine, well over ten years. I plan to get one quick, fast and in a hurry. This is the worst pain. NEVER do I want to experience back pain again. This has been a lesson learned. I will be certain to keep track of the years of usage on my other items and the new mattress as well.

My child has been a me messages all day long. I'm tempted to lay on the floor and let the little one walk on my back. I'm scared the walking may turn into jumping!

Wish me luck!

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