Friday, July 22, 2011

My Son has Scoliosis

I took my son for his wellness check up and everything was going well.  Weight on point, blood pressure good, eyes,ears, nose, throat...all good.  He received his required shot, no problems.  Then, I inquired about something.

When  my son  was younger, he complained about his back and I had the doctor take a look at it.  At that time, the doctor stated, he had a very slight curve, nothing to really be concerned with, but that they would monitor it. So, after the doctor completed all of the exams on my son, I asked him to check my sons back as he has complained about back pain to the point where he is in tears and he constantly asks me for massages.  Sometimes, it feels doctors are quick to downplay your symptoms, so I informed him, I had purchased new mattresses and that he still complains of back pain.

Initially, the doctor did a quick look of the spine and showed me that his spine had not worsen.  Then, he had my son bend down touching his ankles and to my surprise and his, the doctor saw definite signs of scoliosis.  He was so concerned, it made me nervous.  He stated, that this is what happens, typically children are monitored with no alarming signs, and then, around the beginning of a child's growth spurt noticeable signs appear.

All of the urgency frightened my son (and me).  The doctor recommended that my son be seen by a specialist.  We have an appointment with a specialist at Children's Hospital.  The doctor stated, the specialist more than likely will recommend that my son wear a brace for a certain amount of time each day and that surgery would be the last recommendation.

I have provided a link for those of you who would like more info on Scoliosis.

Please keep my son in prayer as to not having to have surgery.  Thank you all.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, we are going through this right now... How is your son doing?