Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 5

So, I told yall I've been in a funk.  Well, I am attempting to shake it off.

An old friend contacted me through Facebook, which put a smile on my face.  Funny thing is while he was looking me up, I was looking up someone else.  I discovered, the person I was searching for is married now and has what looked to be a two to three year old and his wife is currently expecting.  Yeah, didn't even send a friend request. (I just really wanted to possibly have lunch and catch up with him, but again I see he is doing just fine).

I am happy that he is happy because at the time when we started dating he had just got a divorce and he wasn't handling it well.  He loved his first wife, but she cheated on him and he was willing to try to make it work, but she wanted out.  At the time, I too, was just out of a relationship and basically what I now know was the crutch me consoling someone whose wife left him as well (nothing but drama).  So, I sorta jetted (well, I told him that he needed time to himself to let go of his ex-wife before attempting to move on to another relationship) as this was deja vu .  It was just too many, "my wife use to wear her hair like you" for me.  So, again, I am happy for him.  He and his current wife, from the pictures, seem to be happy.

The friend that looked me up...well, he says I'm the one that got away.  He's in a funk  In my mind, funk + funk = stinks.  He currently is going through something with his wife...errupt, that's all I needed to hear.  I'm moving forward, not backwards.

Today, I am thankful for Old Friends, Life Lessons and Common Sense.

Kiss your hubby, your wifey and tell them you love them ;-)

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