Thursday, December 24, 2009

2010 Goals


I don't think, I did well in completing my 2009 goals.  So, for 2010, I'm not documenting any goals other than to take care of my son to the best of my ability and to strive to become an even better person than I already am. I also, plan to sew two (2) items.  Yes, two items.  I sewed one this year, so that's progress...LOL!

[Edited 12/30/2009- I stated, I wasn't going to list any goals for 2010, but after discussing with a friend, I do have a few to list:
  1. Guide my son in being more responsible.  Taking care of the dog (i.e., walking, feeding, grooming), taking care and appreciating the items he receives (i.e., games, game systems etc.).
  2. Sew five (5) items. I increased the amount due to I AM going to schedule a sew day once a month. I should be able to produce 5 items in 12 months. Right?
  3. Continue to de-clutter our home.
  4. Increase my Emergency Fund (EF) by the amount I set for 2010.
  5. More health conscious -Lose 20 lbs by April and lower my BP.
  6. Listen and observe more
  7. Remain perm-free until April...longer if I can deal with the rainy season
  8. Run another 5k; at least one.
  9. Increase my net worth by 12%
  10. Update my Will. I've been saying I'm going to do this.  Having a young child and being a single parent [with a BP that's out of wack] I have to do this.]
  11. Refinance the investment home.

Let's see how I did with my 2009 Goals: (don't pay attention to the numbering...blogger is tripin') 
  1. De-clutter - for every item I bring in, an item must be taken out.
    •  I actually did this and will continue to do so.  I have given alot away, but still have more to go through. 
  1. Track my spending - I have my spreadsheet ready.
    • I did this for a good 2 to 3 months.  I applaud those who can do this on a regular basis.  I seem to forget to get a receipt or to write down the cost of items/service (i.e. gas etc.)
  2. Sew- I would like to see at least 15 items. Preferably, a coat, 3 dresses, 3 pants, 2 jacket and 6 tops.
    • Boo! I made one (1) item.  Thus, my reason for setting the goal to two(2) for 2010.
  3. Reestablish Game Night - my son has begging for this.
    • Game Night became Movie Night and we have been on track with this.  My son is into his Playstation games and I'm just not into them (I need to refer to item no. 10).  I envisioned more so board type games.
  4. Organize -EVERYTHING
    • Still working on this.  I want everything to have its place.  Therefore, I need to continue item no.1.
  5. Blog at least once a week.
    • I tried, but was not successful.  Again, I applaud you all that do.
  6. Listen and observe- life seemed calmer when I use to do that.
    • I started off good, but as of late been adding my 10 cent to everything.  I will attempt this in 2010.
  7. Reach my financial goal in increasing my EF.
    • I think, I was successful at completing this, but won't be certain until I do my end of year financial statement. My emergency fund looks good whether I reached the set amount. Go Me!
  8. Make one new friend (LOL, since I've been purging some).
    • I did it! LaShawn and I talk like we've known each other for years, but have never officially met.  Hold it...get this, our sons birthdays are on the same day and year and were born in the same hospital!  (We will meet in person in 2010 as we are going to get the boys together)
  9. Re-connect with true friends from back in the day.
    • I did this too...via the internet and FACEBOOK.  It's so nice to re-connect with them.
  10. To be a better mom.
    • I try...this is an ongoing process.
  11. Exercise at least 2 a week (I want to be a solid sz 6, not borderline sz 7 like I am now.
    • I am doing this and will step it up in 2010.  I must be 20 lbs lighter before going back to the doctor in Apr.  My blood pressure also, must be lower by then or I will be taking meds for life (I do not like taking medication at all)
  12. Start dating again (ugh!  Thought, I was done after all these years...)
    • I did, but it didn't work.  I really wasn't "feelin'" him, so it's ok.  I'm content with myself for now.
  13. Pamper myself once a month 
    • This totally did not happen.  I've got to take time out for myself...somehow...someway!   
Did you do a better job than I at reaching your goals for the year?

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