Thursday, December 3, 2009

Egg Nog Heaven

My son LOVES Egg Nog!
I do too, but that boy of mine seems to love it more.
Sometime in September while we were grocery shopping he asked me when do they put out the egg nog.  I told him probably sometime around Thanksgiving.

One day after my mother picked him up from school and they had stopped at the grocery store, he called me at work. "Mommy, guess what?!" I replied, as i normally do, "guessing what".  It's here, it's here!"  I had no idea what in the world this child was talking about, until he said, "don't tell mama I told you.  She brought some Egg Nog and it's GOOD!"

Needless to say that night after picking him up from my mother's, he insisted that we take a trip to Giant [grocery store] to get some, which we did.  We both love Turkey Hill's Egg Nog, but surprisingly there was none.  Giant's Egg Nog is just as good.  So good, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't made by Turkey know how they make the same item and place different manufacturer labels on the products. 

I cannot believe I have purchased, thus far four half gallons of Egg Nog and have had only 2.5cups.  My son has been drinking it like its water.  I decided I wasn't going to buy anymore until around Christmas.  So, unbeknownst to me, my son asked his father to get him some.  His father later told me he was going to buy some Lucerne Egg Nog and my son told him, "No! Not that or Shoppers Food Warehouse, it's not good.  Turkey Hill or Giant they're the best!"  He's right.

What's your favorite Egg Nog?  BTW, have you tried Egg Nog ice cream?  Pretty good...go get you some before it's gone!

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