Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Review - The Year Of Healing

I consider 2009 the year of healing for me due to in the previous year, I had to let go of people and or things when I wasn't prepared in doing so.

Losing my grandmother early in 2008, I've had to learn to move forward without her.  I was depressed for a good half of the year.  I still from time to time pick up the phone to call my grandmother. I miss physically talking and spending time with her. However, now I feel joy when I look at her pictures. Although, I no longer cry when I look at her pictures, I do still become sadden, but quickly soothe myself by knowing she is no longer in pain.

My relationship with my sons father is better as well. We are cordial and actually discuss things regarding our child.  He spends more time with our son, which makes my son happy, thus, I'm happy.

Due to my health not being as great as I thought,  my blood pressure has been registering high.  My doctor has ordered, I lose 20 lbs and guarantees my blood pressure will decrease.  I don't like taking medicine,nor am I good at it.  I must do this, so I will no longer have to take this little pill!  My sons father suggested, I start running with him [he runs practically every day].  I never thought that was something I could do.  We trained by running from the U.S. Capitol to the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Mermorial [ran up/down the steps] and back.  At first, it was ugly, I thought he was trying to kill me! I thought he was pushing me too hard as I felt like I was going to faint.  I am proud to say, I did my first 5K with my girlfriend Alisa on Thanksgiving morning.  Now, I have to admit, I ran/walked [I need to work on hills].  My girlfriend did great!  I promised her I would run another 5k with her in the new year.

I learned how to deal with people, whom I considered as a close "friend" yet discovered otherwise on their part.  I learned to deal with them on my own terms...not theirs! Friendship is about give and take...not just the latter.  Associates are good to have as well.  Right?  I thought about childhood friends, friends who seemed who were loyal. I finally created a FACEBOOK page.  One of the best things, I did this year.  Connected with several grade school and long lost friends.

The United States celebrated the election of its first African American President!!!

Looking forward to the new year!

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