Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love The Ones You're With...

To my family and friends.

I hope you all are enjoying your day.  I am enjoying mine.  My parents gave me a card and money (that was nice).  My son brought(through his grandma) some flowers...Tulips and a card.  He loves giving me flowers and I love receiving them (he will make some woman happy when he comes of age).  I love Tulips.  I love flowers.  Most folks are surprise that I do not like chocolate.  In the past, I would receive a box of chocolates and I would just accept it with a smile.  Later, I would give it to my grandmother who loved chocolate.

Last year this time, I wrote a post informing everyone that I didn't have a "valentine" and hopefully next year I would.  Well, that was not exactly true, my son is my Valentine and will always be.  I still do not have a significant other and I'm fine with that.  I decided in December that in the new year I would be open to dating again.  I've met people, but no one I'm interested in getting to know better.  So, again we shall see ...

What did your Valentine give or do for you?

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