Monday, March 9, 2009

Why I haven't been blogging?

It's been awhile since I last blogged. I've checked my blog to see if any of "the blogs I like" have updated their blogs. I'd check the title of their update and if it sounded interesting, I would go to their blog. If not, I would check their blog out later. What's holding me back from updating my blog and reading the blog of others...


Yall, I'm hooked. I can't believe "it" got me. I resisted for so long in creating a page because I thought it was for teeny boppers. I thought it was like MySpace and I didn't want any parts of that. Well, after several of my friends started sending me invitations and giving me verbal updates on other friends; friends I haven't seen for quite a long time I bit the bullet and signed up. OMG! I have people from ELEMENTARY school sending me friend requests and emails entitled "Do you remember me?" I've come in contact with old co-workers, old male friends and old girl friends. I love the fact that you have an opportunity to catch up with them through their picture of their family; the parents, KIDS, and the pets. It's the greatest...hahaha...LOL. I know it's probably old news to most of you.

I heart Facebook and the mobile application too!

What are some of your surprised addictions?

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