Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't Drink and Drive...per my son

My son and I are in the car and a commercial on the radio about drunk driving comes on...states something to the fact about are you going to kill "Jennifer" tonight...don't drink and drive. This is the convo between my son and I, as I'm drinking my SODA

SON: "Mommy, put the bottle down. Do you want to kill "Jennifer"?"

MOMMY: "HUH? What are you talking about and who is Jennifer?" [shows you I was paying attention to the road and not the radio]

SON: "They said, Don't drink and drive. Jennifer, is the girl that's going to get killed tonight by someone drinking and driving. They probably not paying attention and hit her when she is trying to cross the street. I wish, I knew her so, I could tell her to just stay home today."

We went back and forth as I tried to explain to him the real meaning behind "drinking and driving" and that "Jennifer" is a made up person, but that it could very well happen to someone.

Well, aah, it didn't go very well and I ... um, had to "put the bottle down". I hope he was just referring to yesterday only, since he believed it supposedly was to happen then.

Seriously, please do not drink alcohol and drive, don't allow a loved one to do so either. Too many innocent and not so innocent people have lost their lives to drunk driving.

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