Sunday, April 7, 2013

Marlon & Shawn Wayans at DC Improv

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I went to the DC Improv last night to see Marlon & Shawn Wayans.  With everything that has been going on in my life, it was what I needed. Laughter is the best medicine!

Now, this was my first time to DC Improv and it won't be my last however, I do not recommend going to the last show. We arrived early and was told we could leave and come back or we could go sit in their holding room. Since, we parked in the parking garage next to the venue and it was a cold and breezy night we were not leaving and coming back as we were only 30mins early. We went into the cold holding room. The wait was much longer in there than we expected. I'm told earlier shows you are not treated as such.  This night their were three(3) shows and we chose to go to the 11pm show. The venue requires a two(2) item purchase off the menu. The first item, I selected was Hot Chocolate. Yeah, I know, but it was freezing in that place.  I was starving as we planned to stop for dinner prior to the show, but we felt since they serve food their we would get some wings or something because who really wants to eat at 11pm at night. We ordered more than wings because again we were starving after the long wait.

The host, Wil Sylvince was hilarious.  Go see him if you ever get a chance. He is out of Brooklyn he's the Haitian guy. This guy had me in tears. 

Marlon says, "he's the ugly one", not true at all. Marlon has come into his own. He's a cutie and as we all know he is crazy and funny as h e and 2 hockey sticks. I wish he was on a little longer than he was.

Shawn is still his fine self. He shared he is now a single dad of three(3) kids and one which is named Marlon. Brotherly love. He is funnier than I thought he would be. He's not just fine, he's funny too.

RGIII was in the house at the show prior to the one I attended. Marlon was excited about and took pictures with him.

Great time, great night and I definitely would go see them all again.
Check them out if they are coming near you.

Remember Laughter is the best medicine

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