Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dread Early Morning Phone Calls

Yesterday, morning the phone rang early. I have always been leary of an early morning phone call ever since, I received an early morning call July 3, 1996. Back then, my uncle, who was more like a brother to me collasped at work and was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital.  I received a call early in the morning from my mom of this news and was to meet her and my maternal grandmother at the hospital.

 I arrived at the hospital first and went to the desk inquiring about my uncle and the desk nurse instructed me to go into this room as I waited for my mom and grandmother to arrive. I patiently was waiting for them to arrive and I started to notice the pamphlets in the room, "How to deal with death of a loved one" and a poster on the wall of a image ascending to clouds.  I freaked, ran out of the room and ask the nurse was my uncle stable and if I could see him at that time.  She asked me if my uncle mom or wife had arrived.  I told her that my mom and grandmother(his mother) were on their way.  My uncle was not with his wife at that time and she was living in another state, so nobody was going to wait for her to get their before we saw him.  The nurse sent me back to the room and I broke down, while crying I asked her why was she sending me to that room and whynot the emergency room waiting area, which was right around the corner. I remember her telling me to please go in the room and the doctor will be out to talk to me.  I didnt want to go back in that room and another girl who was waiting to see her uncle who wasin a fishing accident came and gave me a hug and offered to go in the room with me. 

It was like the floor dropped under my feet when the doctor came out and said, "we did all we could do, but Mr.[my uncle]did not make it" as he was asking me to identify the body, my mom and Grandmother walked in.  {I did not want to do it, but I didn't want my Grandma having to  do it(she ended up wanting to see him) that image of my uncle lying on a gerney with needles sticking out of him is still embedded in my brain) {such a sad day}
Yesterday, the telephone rang early and it was from my step-grandmother's house, it was her nurse and my aunt telling my father of his mother's passing.
Today, I received a text at 8am from my girlfriend that her mom had passed earlier today.  I don't like early morning calls and now I'm adding early morning texts too.  My friends and family members know this and do not call if it is absolutely necessary or an emergency.
May Mrs. Alice Downs (step-grandmother) and Mrs. Margaret Culver (Best Friend mom) Rest In Peace and blessings showered among the families and loved ones.

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