Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I would like to wish all the mother's, those who have stepped in as a mother a Happy Mother's Day!!

My day started rough as I have now a Moody Toody twelve year old son. I was determined, I was going to have a great day and celebrate my role in what God has blessed me as.  Received Mother's Day wishes from friends and another friend invited me to her moms church to see Shirley Caesar.

My son and I visited with a friend of mine and her family and had a wonderful dinner with them that her daughter had prepared for us.  A new mom to a baby girl herself.  After dinner, my son and I ran off to see Shirley Caesar.

Now, yall know it wasn't that easy. My son gave me the blues, "I don't want to go"..."do I have to go?" Taking his slow poking time to get ready and such. He was working a nerve.  This is his usual when we are not doing something he wants to do and some of the time when he works that nerve, I get so frustrated and decide not to do whatever was planned because I just wasn;t up to his behavior and know I would not have a good time due to his attitude,  Well, not this time buddy.  I ignore all of his tactics.  I love Shirley Caesar and I wasn't going to let his nonsence spoil my day.

We arrived, got our seats and he was sour for the first 30 mins of the event.  To my surprise, his attitude changed and I saw him clapping, swaying and tapping his feet. As it was getting late, he had school and I had work the next day. I told him, I believed Pastor Caesar's next song was going to be "No Charge" and that after she sings that we are going to leave to try to get ahead of some of the traffic. I most definetly wanted him to hear her sing that song.

We waited and waited, but unfortunately, she did not sing that song and I though it would have been a great ending song for the evening.  Yall can you believe that child of mine was not ready to go. He wanted to stay to the very end.  I explained that we really needed to get a head start and people from the audience were just taking a stab at singing her song and it was time to go.

He and I made a lasting memory and it turned out to be a great day

Turn someones raining day to a sun shiny one
~Peace & Happiness 

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