Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Weekend Recap...

This was a busy weekend, but a nice one.

Spent some time with my parents on Friday evening. Then, I came home and stayed on the phone with Verizon til 3am; attempting to get my DSL line straight. The lady who was helping me was where...[you know not in the good USA] in China. She asked, had I heard about the problem with the milk. I said, yeah, it's killing people, mainly children. I asked her what was her government thinking. I told her, I was leary of anything that states "Made in China". I no longer purchase toys [especially the brightly colored ones] from China due to the lead problem. Luckily,I no longer really buy toys...we're at the stage where all my son wants is PS2 games or games for his other electronic systems. After all the test attempted, it was concluded that I need a new modem/router. So, I'm suppose to get a new one Monday or Tuesday. I couldn't believe we were on the phone that long. Especially, when I needed to get up to take my son to his football game.

The busiest day of the entire weekend was Saturday. I got up late and was running around trying to fix breakfast, walk the dog and get my son straight so we could get out of the house. Funny, when I opened the door it was pouring down raining...I had no idea. Usually, I can hear the raindrops hitting against the window. So, I was somewhat happy that the game was canceled. I had placed alot of my son items up for consignment at a children's consignment sale and I had to be there by a certain time to pick up the remaining unsold items. Then, I had to take my son to a birthday party on the other side of town. I dropped him off and went back on my side of town to finialize a cruise (I'm a PT Travel Agent) and then went back to pick my son up from the bday/sleep over party[he didn't want to sleepover]. I sat and talked with my girlfriend and her friends and family for a few hours. It was nice to chill and have an adult conversation. Again, I couldn't believe it was midnight when we left. I couldn't wait to get back on the other side of town to take my butt to bed.

Didn't do much today but cook and watch the game.
To top the day off the REDSKINS beat the Cowboys!!!
Great was yours?

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