Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Link Love Tuesday

Showing some link love...
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Have you ever seen a cotton field...let alone raw cotton? I never have, but Stormee gives us a glimpes. Kids say the darnest things and Miss Shadae is no exception to the rule. I don't know her, but you've got to love her.
Well, Fall is upon us and its time to get our wardrobe together. Budget? No problem. Can you sew? If so, Erica B. will show you some D.I.Y. style. Can't sew? No problem. The Budget Chic may inspire you with what she wears. Speaking of budgets check out Free Money Finance to find out the best and worst buys at warehouse clubs (i.e., Costco etc.).

Nic may fight like a girl, but the key is she's fighting all along bringing cancer awarness to us all. Looking forward to the "Fred(the lump) Is Dead Remission" celebration.

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