Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun At The Grocery Store

Have you been grocery shopping lately? ('make groceries" for those in the

Well, my son and I made our usual trip to the GIANT grocery store the other day and we noticed a stand with several scanners as soon as we entered the store...SCAN IT! My son was curious and went to investigate. He told me we could scan our food items while we shop. Sounds good to me, so I went to further investigate. Sure nuff, you can scan your items and bag them too while you shop. Anything to get me in and out of the store faster, I'm willing to give a try.

As I shopped, he scanned and bagged the items (sweet!). After weighing produce, the scale printed a barcode label, which you scan. The only annoying thing was the ringing of the device every 5 mins to make you aware of an instant coupon and my son announcing each instant coupon, "Mommy, do we need ketchup, we can save 25 cents with the instant coupon".

I really love the fact that this gadget tallies the items, which keeps me within my budget. Now, if you happen to be like me and go over the budget or if your child[ren] scan items that you did not place in the basket (kids!) you can delete an item easily. Checkout was pretty smooth as there was no one in the SCAN IT checkout line.

It turned out to be a great day at the grocery store for my son and I. He had fun scanning and I enjoyed not hearing him nag me ("I'm ready to go...are we done yet") staying within my budget was a cinch with the new gadget and getting in and out of the grocery store in record time.

For me SCAN IT is a keeper and I will definitely use it when my son is with me. I have concerns about thief as it seems it would be "easy" to not scan an item. Food prices are high enough and I just don't want us the consumers to have to pay for those who take "full" advantage of this new concept and technology. I'm sure (I hope) they have something in place. I'm not willing to test the waters to find out though ;-0

Do you have SCAN IT(or something similar) at your local grocery store? If you used it, what did you like or dislike about the experience?

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