Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Randomness- Ugh!

  • It's snowing! 
  • my car decided it didn't want to STOP at the red light(@ the bottom of the hill) while driving my son to school.  I honked the horn and put hazard lights on so on coming traffic would stop.  Thank You Jesus no one was hurt!!  The most scariest thing.
  • I checked my sons school website for status of school opening, closing or late arrival several times...and prior to walking out the door.  Nothing!  TV, Radio doesn't state anything regarding his school.  After rushing to get my son out of the house, almost becoming "road pizza" (my sons statement) while taking him to school... to find out the admins decided to close the school, but didn't think(and this is a private school) to update the website or contact local television station and or local radio stations to inform parents.
  • had to force the dog to go out in the snow...what's that about...UGH!

After all this, I decided I was going to work from home today.  My sons father came to get my son (OMG...Thank You!), so now I'm de-stressing and starting my work day;-)

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